Together with high quality and elaborate service the hotel offers you a holiday which even your dreams cannot reach.
If you are looking for a different, romantic, out of the ordinary holiday; where you will have special moments of your life Kilikya Hotel is a perfect choice.
About Hotel Rooms Restaurant Pools and bars
Our aim is to offer the best service and a holiday that our guests had imagined and make them feel as comfortable as if they were at home. In the hotel there are 6 king suite and 69 standard rooms.
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The restaurant that takes place within the hotel building has a capacity of 150 people.
The open restaurant takes place in the garden of the hotel and together with the pool front service it has a capacity of 450 people.
In front of our hotel building and next to the open restaurant there are two pools; one serving to adults and the other to children. Also you can find every type of comfort together with Palm Bar, Garden and Beach services.
About Kızkalesi (Maiden Castle) Historical Sites Promotional Packages Cotact us
Would you like to hear about one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean? You can also get information about the hidden treasures Maiden castle and Kilikya Hotel are in the center of cultural and faith tourism. Click to get info about historical sites . Click to get info about the promotional packages and their prices that the hotel offers. Kilikya Contact
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